Asset Management

Having a goal and a commitment to achieve it is essential when investing. To get the most out of your wealth, it is important to have an overview of it and a clear plan to increase it. Professional guidance, investing on your behalf, expert advice, and a variety of investment solutions are invaluable when it comes to investing.

Diversification as an hedge

Diversifying across all asset classes is important to reduce risk and maximize returns, as it provides a buffer against market volatility and a variety of opportunities for growth.

How many asset classes are there?

The financial market is mainly divided into five asset classes: equities, bonds, real estate, commodities, and cash.

Importance of diversifying across all 5 asset classes

It is important to have the correct allocation at the correct time to reach a pre-determined goal, as each asset class exhibits different levels of volatility, risk, and growth. That is why a conservative approach typically involves a small percentage of assets being invested in the stock market, which carries a greater risk than other asset classes. At Richelieu International, we believe that diversification is key to minimizing risk. One of the most common mistakes people make when managing their assets is allocating all of their capital into one single asset class (like property). Our advisors can help you avoid risky or unprofitable asset allocation strategies by providing the right advice and setting you on the path to financial stability.

Free financial consultation

Richelieu International’s international solutions provide a straightforward, convenient and economical way to create a diversified investment portfolio, without having to individually select and oversee investments.



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