Portfolio Bond

A portfolio bond is an international financial vehicle designed for lump sum investment. Primarily designed to accommodate any asset bearing an ISIN number, such as Funds, Bonds, Equities, and Cash, a portfolio bond offers the convenience of centralizing your portfolio while reaping the benefits of international tax advantages.

A flexible investment vehicle

Should you seek an investment that remains agile and responsive to dynamic market conditions, while accommodating your lifestyle and location preferences, the portfolio bond emerges as an impeccable solution. The portfolio bond presents an array of choices, allowing you to opt for either a fully open or a guided architecture, ensuring utmost flexibility. Furthermore, it can seamlessly integrates with most pension schemes, rendering it a truly versatile investment vehicle.


  • Start with 80,000 EUR
  • Access to your Online account 24/7
  • A dedicated advisor with no extra charge
  • Enjoy international solutions that offer tax protection
  • Consolidated reporting of all the assets in one comprehensive valuation statement


  • Open architecture multi-currency plan
  • An almost unlimited array of investments – including thousands of Funds with 0% initial charge
  • Tax efficient growth – “Gross rollup”
  • Able to carry Funds, Bonds, Equities, Structured Notes, Cash
  • Professional online dealing platform


Work with Richelieu International to find the perfect portfolio bond for you

Prior to embarking on an investment journey with an international portfolio bond, it is prudent to undertake your own due diligence or seek counsel from a certified financial planner. At Richelieu International, we take immense pleasure in assisting you throughout this process, whether it involves evaluating your existing portfolio bond or identifying the optimal portfolio bond available in the market to align perfectly with your unique requirements.



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